Sibylle Peters

Sibylle Peters is a Hamburg-based artist and researcher.  As well as working as an independent artist in theatre and performance, she is the co-founder and artistic director of the FUNDUS THEATER / Theatre of Research a theatre for transgenerational publics, where children, artists, researchers and citizens of all ages meet to explore and change the world together.

In her work for stage and lectern Peters combines wishful political thinking, the history of knowledge in its stranger parts and accounts from her own artistic experimentation into the improbable, the dangerous and the paranormal.

In her participatory pieces - often created in cooperation with geheimagentur / secret agency she starts from collective wishproduction and creates testdrives for different realities, currently focusing on free ports, radical seafaring and alternative seatrade (Hamburg Port Hydrarchy / African Terminal).

Peters uses Live Art as strategy, toolbox and setup to allow for collective research processes to happen. Building on her groundbreaking PLAYING UP project which took the form of an intergenerational game based on Live Art practices and was presented at festivals and events across the UK in 2016 and 17,  Peters is collaborating with LADA and Tate Families & Early Years on KAPUTT: The Academy of Destruction taking place at Tate Exchange, London in October 2017, in which six children and six adult artists working as equal members will experiment, think and act together and share their practices, experiences and concepts of destruction.

Peters has worked at universities in Hamburg, Bale and Berlin, and is the co-founder and head of the PhD Programme Performing Citizenship) that is combining artistic, academic and participatory research about transformations of citizenship. She is also currently guest professor for transdisciplinary design at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen.

Peters has researched and written a LADA Study Room Guide and Toolkit of methodologies on working with children and young people that will be published in October 2017. Other projects on the go include Spiritually Challenged, Paralogistcs: On people, things and oceans and 50 dangerous things (you should let your children do).

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Date Posted: 29 September 2017