SACRED: Homelands

Taking place from 23 to 27 November at Toynbee Studios, London, SACRED: Homelands is an international festival featuring UK premiere performances, durational/installation works and in depth conversations with artists travelling from Tonga, India, Canada, New Zealand, as well as Europe, many of whom are visiting these shores for the first time. In times of grave social and environmental injustices caused by war, pestilence and climate change that create so much upheaval of communities across the globe, the artists responded to SACRED: Homelands' invitation to make a “homeland” for a week in the East End of London, to gather, to share their lived experiences and what is sacred to all of us through storytelling and conversation.

SACRED: Homelands artists: Daina Ashbee (Québec), Nathalie Bikoro (Gabon), Inder Salim (India), James Luna (USA), Josephine Garcia Jowett (Philippines/NZ), Issam Kourbaj (Syria), Varsha Nair (India/Thailand), Elvira Santamaria (Mex/Ire), Latai Taumoepeau (Tonga/Aus), Urnamo (Iraq/Switz), Via Negativa (Slovenia), Zierle & Carter (UK).

SACRED: Homelands is curated by Nikki Milican, former Artistic Director of New Territories and the National Review of Live Art, the UK's most significant and influential festival of performance that ran from 1979-2010.

“Sacred: that which is sacred to me (and possibly to you); I am against the profane and mundane but hold dear to that which should be venerated. Sacred can also be what one holds dear in terms of artistic practice.  Sacred is what artists can hold dear in terms of their culture and socio-political landscape. Without compromising fervent artistic expression there needs to be a place for healing and community in times of grave injustices and inequalities. It is an honour to present the first visits to London by international artistic voices telling stories that search for lost communities, languages and culture, a search for a homeland. A place where one is comfortable, safe...and at peace.” – Nikki Milican OBE

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Date Posted: 16 November 2016